Concrete Welder 21 oz. Twin Dual Cartridge
Model: CW-DC
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Item quantity: (1) 21 oz. Dual Cartridge with (1) Static Mixer tip.
Shipping weight: 3.5 lbs.
Cured color: Natural

Concrete Welder™ rebonds cracked concrete. This thin, penetrating polymer is applied from 21 oz. Twin Dual Cartridges. Concrete Welder™ restores concrete strength by penetrating and rebonding fine cracks. Large cracks are sand or aggregate filled then saturated with Concrete Welder™ to form a high strength polymer concrete. Application requires a standard hand operated Dual Cartridge Applicator.

Concrete Welder™ is a thin, low viscosity, rapidly-curing polymer used to repair concrete distress and reduces the need for slab cut out and or removal.

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