How to do Concrete Crack Repair Instructions

FillPro Industries 30 minute Polymer Spall Repair

FillPro Industries introduces Flexset, the 30-minute concrete spall repair. With no saw cut or demolition required, prep is quick and easy, usually just blown air. Damaged areas can be returned to traffic in a fraction of the time required for traditional repair methods. The polymer-based repair works in areas where there is a lot of movement, damaged base or where other concrete repairs materials have failed.

Place the 5 gallon pail on the FillPro Motor Mix Machine, ensuring the pail is secure in the correct slots.

Pour the contents of bottle "A" into the 5 gallon pail making sure it doesn't splash out.

Pour the supplied 30 pounds of specially coated aggregate into the pail, covering the A side.

After shaking the contents of bottle "B" for 20 seconds, pour the contents into the 5 gallon pail.

On cold days or where a very quick cure is required, supplied catalyst may be added to speed the reaction.

Spray a light coat of vegetable oil on the paddle. Acting as a release agent, it will keep the paddle clean.

Place the paddle in the pail, turn on the switch and mix for 1 minute. You are now ready to add aggregate.

Add 25 pounds of FillPro Black Diamonds 3/8" aggregate and mix for 1 minute.

Pour into spall which can be filled to grade as material is free flowing and self leveling.

The polymer slurry can now be feathered into the existing concrete ensuring a smooth ride with no bump.

Broadcast the supplied 12 pounds of topping sand over the area to create a high traction surface.

Once fully cured, the area can then be returned to traffic, sometimes in less than 30 minutes.

Concrete Repair Video

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