PolyFlex DS Twin Dual Cartridge 12-Pack
Model: PolyFlex-DC12
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36+  $309.00

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Polymeric Asphalt & Concrete Repair

Item quantity: 1 case
Case contents: (12) 21 oz. Dual Cartridges with (12) Static Mixer tips.
Shipping weight: 29 lbs

PolyFlex DS™ is the polymer only version of FloMix™ and FlexSet™. Use PolyFlex DS when you want a less rigid repair, such as for a traffic loop, control/expansion joint, or for a thin crack repair where deeper penetration is required and a polymeric slurry has too much body. Available in black for asphalt or gray for concrete, PolyFlex DS™ is packaged in 21 oz. Twin Dual Cartridges with 12 cartridges per case.

PolyFlex DS™ is also available in convenient 3-gallon case six packs (3 half gallons each of "A" and "B" components) for hand mixed application.

Aggregate may be added where required up to a 3:1 ratio. Cartridge application requires a standard hand operated Dual Cartridge Applicator.

PolyFlex DS (Dopey Soup) is a polymeric version of elastic cement for the repair of concrete and asphalt. When combined with clean dry sand and aggregates, PolyFlex DS forms a high performance, quick-setting, flexible polymer concrete. Within an hour of placement, durable repairs are ready for traffic. PolyFlex DS withstands vibration, heavy traffic loads, and thermal movement. Available in Black and Grey and other colors on special order. Black PolyFlex DS is mixed with clean, dry sand to perform simple, durable repairs in asphalt. Gray PolyFlex DS is used with clean dry sand for concrete repairs. PolyFlex DS is also used in control joints for concrete.

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