How to do Asphalt Crack Repair Instructions

FillPro Industries Step By Step Asphalt Repair

FillPro Industries introduces FloMix, the rapid Asphalt repair product. With no saw-cut or demolition required, prep is quick and easy, usually just blown air. Damaged areas can be returned to traffic in a fraction of the time required for traditional repair methods. The polymer-based repair works in areas where there is a lot of movement, damaged base, where heavy rolling equipment is not available or where other asphalt repair materials have failed.

Each FloMix Kit contains a 1/2 gallon of polymer A, a 1/2 gallon of polymer B, 30 apounds of coated aggregate and 12 pounds of topping sand.


The area to be repaired can be blown clean and dry. No dig-out or removal is necessary. Any tools to be used should be sprayed with release agent.

If using the Motor Mix Machine, place the empty 5 gallon pail on. If using a drill bit mixer place pail on the ground. Carefully pour in the A side polymer.

Pour the 30 pounds of specially coated sand into the pail, covering the A side. This will prevent splashing. Mix Sand and Part A for 2 minutes. No reaction will occur until the B side is added.

Add the B side polymer, place paddle in the pail and mix for 1 minute. The mix is now reactive with an approximate 8-10 minute working time.

If using optional 25 pounds of 3/8" aggregate, pour rock in slowly and mix for one minute. This will increase volume from 1/3 cubic foot to 1/2 cubic foot per pail.

Once fully mixed, remove mixing paddle and wipe off with a dry cloth. Do not use water or damp cloth. The mix is now ready for placement.

Pour the mix directly into affected area and allow to settle to grade. Empty pail completely. Tools can be sprayed with vegetable oil to act as a release agent.

A hand trowel or squeegee maybe used to feather mix into existing Asphalt. Working time will be 5-8 minutes, (depending on ambient temperature).

Once feathered to grade you can now broadcast the 12 pounds of polymer coated topping sand to the point of refusal. Use all topping sand.

The topping sand will create a high traction surface. Clean up with dry cloth, do not use water. Once dry, dispose of bottles and pail in normal manner.

The area can now be returned to traffic in as little as 10-15 minutes once material has cured. Excess topping sand can be swept away. Catalyst is available for cold weather

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